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Java Deployment

"Java Deployment"
Mauro Marinilli
September 2001,
512 Pages (39.9$)
Sams Publishing
ISBN 0672321823

About the Book

Java Deployment takes a very practical approach to the topic of deploying Java Applications. First, the book presents the major deployment concerns a Java developer faces and addresses the most common deployment scenarios. Next, the book addresses deployment issues the developer faces while coding a project. Finally, the book presents the JNLP technology and shows how to use JNLP in application deployment, with ready-to-use source code.

The Table of Contents

1. Deploying Java
2. An Abstract Model for Deployment
3. Existing Solutions
4. Designing for Deployment
5. Deployment Options for Non-J2SE Clients
6. Deploying Existing Software
7. Building Your Own Deployment Solution
8. A JNLP Quick Launch
9. The JNLP Protocol
10. Defining the Client Environment
11. Runtime CLient Services
12.Server-Side Deployment Support
13. A Complete Example
A. A Little Handbook for Java Deployment
B. JNLP Specification
C. Other Deployment Technology
D. A JNLP Utility Library

Download The Code

You can download the archive with the source code from the book.

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